5 Smart Strategies To Create Powerful Team

Building a team is an extremely valuable process that only a few are lucky enough to experience. The prime intention of creating a team is to set up an enjoyable work environment while accomplishing the goals you and your team have set. 

Here are five smart strategies to employ when creating a team:

Trust: The ability to see the best in everyone and draw that out. Allow yourself to believe the truth and strength which someone has to offer. Trusting one another is very beneficial to the environment and the success of the workplace.

Seeing members as a whole person: Our team members are not just employees showing up to be a part of the team. These members have lives, just like you and me. Allow yourself to realize that their lives may be completely different than yours. Getting to know their motivations, inspirations, dreams and a little bit about their families can go a long way.

Time: Spending time with your team members is a very easy thing to let slip your mind. Like I mentioned before, these members are not just employees. It takes time to get to know them, to listen, to connect with them. Getting to know each other on a personal level is very valuable for the workplace environment. Some fun ways to interact may include team bonding activities. These activities may include trivia, an office scavenger hunt, or anything that brings the team members together without work being the priority. Making a heart to heart connection is nourishing for the team member, as well as yourself.

Let the relationship percolate. Allow the relationship to grow. Allow it to nourish. Allow yourself to reflect on the time spent together. Relationships grow over time, so continue to converse with one another. The relationship between you and that team member will grow while you sit back and watch it happen.

Have fun! Give your team members something to look forward to. When everyone is having fun and on the same page, goals within the organization will be accomplished – all while enjoying the process. Recognize the importance of time in creating a strong working relationship. At work make the effort to connect with your employees to help them fill any knowledge gaps, provide timely guidance, ask for creative solutions, feedback, and a safe space for people to share.

Follow these five smart strategies when creating a team to set yourself apart from others. Your team members will have a sense of community and will enjoy the work they do and who they do it for.