Meet Donna Lee Schmidt

Donna Schmidt Lee is a successful serial entrepreneur, licensed clinical social worker, consultant and speaker.  As the Founder & CEO of Urgent Care Hawaii, Donna manages the operations for all four centers in Honolulu.

A pioneer in the business world with a unique approach to leadership, and service, Donna recognized the need for urgent care centers in Hawaii to address the unnecessary high cost of emergency room care. She was the first to set up urgent care centers across the island in 2011.

Donna is among Hawaii’s most successful social entrepreneurs. As the founder, and CEO of Case Management, Inc., she created the company to provide medical case management services to the elderly and disabled individuals. She has been the voice for the elderly and disabled, advising them of their rights and choices.

Formerly Director of Social Services, Kahuku Hospital in Hawaii. Donna is an expert on Hawaii’s Continuum of Care and continues to develop products and services that will transform the healthcare delivery system.

Drawing on her experience as an entrepreneur and community-builder Donna helps people and organizations realize their potential for success through finding their purpose. As respected expert on long term care to the media and the Hawaii State Legislature, Donna has offered presentations to both professional organizations and consumers for several years.

Donna is a trailblazer in every sense of the word with a rare talent to combine business wisdom, relationship savvy, and unwavering optimism.