You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Food Restrictions Don’t Work

The last thing anyone wants to do is to set restrictions on what they can or can’t do. The restriction mindset will eventually steer us off track from the path we intend to take. When it comes to food and nutrition, no one chooses a piece of broccoli over their favorite calorie-packed dessert choice, and you shouldn’t have to choose! 

What you should do is change your bad habits and your behavior about certain foods. Give your body the best nutrition possible, allowing your brain to realize what you need to be eating to help yourself. These foods serve as fuel for your body that will help you remain healthy for a long time.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Give it time. Remember that this is a learning process. Once you learn what nourishes the human body, what food is best for your body and mind, you will soon step away from the bad habits and take a step towards the health you and your body need to nourish you into the best possible version of yourself.

On top of training your brain to step away from foods that are harming you, there are little things you can do to prevent some of the unhealthy cravings you may get. Some of these include drinking more water throughout the day, getting more sleep, eating more protein, planning your meals, and stopping going to the grocery store hungry. In this way, you are consciously thinking about what you need to eat rather than what you want to eat. 

In conclusion, remember that this process may be tedious. Keep up the practice and stay consistent with it. By doing so, you will soon see substantial improvement as any body insecurities you may have will disappear faster than a bag of your favorite potato chips.